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Arba Minch and Surrounds

This itinerary is an example of a tour we've done in the past. Your itinerary can be completely customised to suit you

Day 1: Nech Sar National Park

An early morning boat trip across Lake Chamo to the grasslands of Nech Sar National Park to see the wildlife such as Burchell’s Zebra, Grant’s gazelle, greater and lesser kudus, Swayne’s heart beast and dik diks. During the boat trip on the lake the boat will stop by the ‘crocodile market’ where some of the largest crocodiles in East Africa gather together on the lakeshore to bath in the sun, and where large groups of hippos can also be seen. The lake is also one of the best places to spot various species of aquatic birds.

Return to Arba Minch for a local fresh fish lunch, enjoying the view of the two lakes Abaya and Chamo.

Take an afternoon trail walk through the forest of the ‘forty springs’, abundant with birdlife, baboons and monkeys. You will be guided through the lush forest to numerous natural springs that scatter the canopy floor.

Enjoy the evening in a hotel or lodge in Arba Minch.

Day 2: Dorze Village

After breakfast, take a short drive up into the hills just 35KM north of Arba Minch to visit the highland Dorze community.

The Dorze people are a very welcoming community, who are famous throughout the country for weaving and also pottery. The Dorze grow different terraced crops and are also known for their typical food made from the false banana plant ‘enset’. The Dorze people use every part of this plant and you will be given demonstrations on how it is prepared and used.

Guests will stay the night at Dorze Eco-Lodge with a spectacular view and the very hospitable local staff.

Day 3: Dorze Market and Waterfall

Take a walk through the hills to the popular waterfall between Dorze and Chencha, where a refreshing natural bath is possible.

Visit the colourful market of Dorze, where visitors can learn more about the traditions and livelihoods of the local people and buy a variety of souvenirs.

Drive back to Arba Minch to relax in the sunshine for the remainder of the day.

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