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12 Day Combination Package

This is a sample itinerary

Day 1: Addis Ababa

City sites including Entoto Mountain and the historical Orthodox churches, last to Merkato the largest marketplace in Africa!

Day 2: Hawassa

Take a boat trip on Lake Hawassa to see the impressive hippos and bird life, visit the local fish market before heading further south to Bale National Park.

Day 3: Bale National Park

Spend the day hiking in the mountainous, alpine Bale Mountains and Harenna Forest, looking out for the endemic Ethiopian Wolf and Nyala. Spend the night camping in the National Park.

Day 4: Dorze

Arrive in Dorze village to visit a local Dorze house, uniquely made from bamboo in the shape of an elephant. Learn about Dorze livelihoods and culture, reliant on highland agriculture, weaving beautiful cotton, pottery making and the importance of the false banana tree!

Stay the night in Dorze Eco-Lodge.

Day 5: Konso and Benna

Visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Konso cultural landscape, known for its sustainable farming practice on the hillside and intact social systems from more than 20 generations ago!

If the timing is in your favour, a visit to the Konso market is worthwhile. Travel on to a Benna village to learn about one of the least visited ethnic groups in the Omo Valley.

Camp the night either in the village or a guest house in Key Afer.

Day 6: Mursi and Mago National Park

Enter Mago National Park, to search for wildlife and admire the very untouched landscape. Visit a nearby Mursi village, famous for their lip plates and stick fighting.

Stay the night either in the Mursi village or at a camping site within the Park.

Day 7: Hamer

Drive further south to the Hamer territory, visiting a market in Key Afer or Dimeka if possible. Spend time in a Hamer village and attend a special cultural event such as a bull jumping ceremony.

Stay the night either in the Hamer village or a Turmi hotel.

Day 8: Kara

Visit the Kara tribe on the banks of the Omo River, famous for their body painting and scarification.

Experience local fishing from the river, taught by the Kara fishermen themselves! Spend the night camping.

Day 9: Dassanech

Early morning drive to Omorate, cross the Omo River by a traditional wooden boat to access the Dassanech settlements. Learn about their pastoralist lifestyle in the arid lands in which they live.

Spend the night in a Turmi hotel.

Day 10: Arba Minch

Travel by road back to Arba Minch, stopping on the way in a Tsemay village. Spend the late afternoon and evening relaxing with the beautiful Arba Minch view and enjoy a fresh fish dinner.

Day 11: Nech Sar National Park

Take an early morning boat trip across Lake Chamo to the grasslands on the far side of the National Park. Here, a walking safari will lead you to the Burchell’s Zebra and greater and lesser kudu if you are lucky. The boat trip on the way back will pass by the ‘crocodile market’ where large Nile Crocodiles bath in the sun, as well as the local hippopotamus population.

Have an afternoon walk in the lush groundwater forest below Arba Minch town, to observe the local ‘forty springs’ and abundant birdlife and monkeys.

Day 12: Return to Addis Ababa

Drive or fly back to Addis Ababa

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